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Step IntoYour Power:
Find Your Confidence
Unlock Your Full Potential


Are you ready to elevate your life and career to extraordinary heights? Join Kelly Buckley, a seasoned coach dedicated to unlocking your full potential and guiding you towards a career that not only fits your personality but also enhances your lifestyle. With Kelly's expert coaching, you will build unshakeable confidence and clarity, transforming your aspirations into reality. Don’t settle for less—ignite your passion and create a life you love. Connect with Kelly today and take the first step towards a fulfilling and successful future!

About Kelly

Hi, I'm Kelly Buckley—your guide on this empowering journey of transformation. As the CEO of Beautifully CONFIDENT™, Podcast and Women's Coaching, I've dedicated my life to helping women like you redefine what's possible.

My path wasn't straightforward. From navigating my own career transitions to balancing family life as a wife and mother, I've faced the challenges I now help you overcome. My expertise in business and cosmetology, combined with a coaching certification, is backed by real-life experiences that enrich the guidance I offer.

What drives me? It’s seeing the spark in a woman when she realizes her own potential. It’s about breaking boundaries, whether in the boardroom or balancing personal commitments. And as we work together, I’ll share not just strategies but personal stories—like how a solo trip to a vineyard in Italy reshaped my perspective on work-life balance, or how adopting my dog taught me unexpected lessons in patience and unconditional love.

I’m also a bit of a foodie and love exploring the culinary arts, which reminds me daily that like a fine wine or a perfectly balanced dish, life is about blending different elements to create something beautiful.

Ready to take the leap?

Let’s connect. Dive into the resources on my website, join me for a workshop, or simply start with an episode of my podcast. This isn’t just about achieving success—it’s about crafting a life you love.


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